Andrew's XCP-ng page

Here's a quick link to some of my code for XCP: (last updated Sep 25, 2022)

NOTE: I changed the package name to be compatible with the standard XCP repository.
My old package can not be directly upgraded. You can use yum swap to remove the old and install the new package without being disconnected.
Note: This 8125 driver has SG/TSO, PTP, RSS enabled by default.
Note: This 8125 driver has (optional) firmware loading enabled. Please manually download the rtl8125 firmware and install in XCP in /usr/lib/firmware/rtl_nic .
Note: This 8125 package is a direct update for the XCP package.
Note: The 8125 Chipset/PCI-E card/driver has been known to cause system problems and crashes (not an XCP problem).
Note: If you update the kernel from XCP-ng with a new version it will overwrite the Dom0 VGA patch and may disrupt networking. You can re-install the network drivers but you can not re-enable the VGA.
Note: You may need to manually uninstall other IGC or e1000e drivers before installing these as the package names may not be the same so the system sees them as different packages.
Note: If you manually delete the drivers you'll need to issue the "depmod -a" and "dracut --force -M /boot/initrd-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)" commands.