An Invitation to Participate and Help in VSEIís Work


††††††††††† VSEI (Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.) is an organizationdedicatedto assisting development in India by helpingin improving education and making it more relevant.†† Our efforts are especially devoted to the education, welfare and upliftment of children and women in need.

†††† We request your participation and help in our work.You can help the education and welfare of children and women in India in different ways through V.S.E.I.;some of these are:

--"Adopt" one or more VSEI projects, help with your generous tax-deductible contributions, and help get supportfor these projects from others also.

--Help establish scholarships for needy, deserving children, e.g. in the name of someone you wish to honor.

--Help in VSEI's fund-raising work, esp. in getting donations for funding our projects.

--Sponsor a needy child through the VSEI Sponsor-a-Child Plan, and help find other long-term sponsors.

--Become a member, and encourage others to become members.

[ Please note that the complete amount of your donations for projects will be used to benefit one or more projects in India. ]

†††† We also request your help in talking to others about VSEI, and getting their interest and support.


†† We appeal to you to help by contributing generously in one or more ways.Your satisfaction will be in helping deserving children and women to get started towards a better life that most of us take for granted, and in building something of lasting value in India.




††††† We invite you to become a member of V.S.E.I. You may click " Become a Member of VSEI" below to obtain a Membership Form, fill it, and send it with your payment to

V.S.E.I., P.O. Box 713,Hartford,Connecticut06142,†† USA.

†††† If you have sent in a donation to VSEI recently, and wish to apply it ( or part of it) towards membership, please fill in the Membership Form below, and state that you have sent a payment recently.

†††† Membership is open to interested persons who are willing to help VSEI in working towards its objectives.

††† There are two categories of members:

†† Regular Members ( who are willing to make a commitment of time and effort in working for VSEI);and

†† Donor members ( who may not be able to spare the time to be active participants, but who wish to

††††† help support VSEI's work through monetary contributions).

††††† ††The basic membership dues are $ 15 a year for both categories of membership.†† There are reduced dues ( $ 8 a year or more ) for student members,and a 'Family Membership' of $ 25 for couples.

††††† For adequate support of VSEI's work, we need a much higher level of support, and request your generous contributions.†† Recognition is given to those who make substantial contributions, as follows:

Sustaining Member ( $ 100 or more);†† Benefactor ( $ 300 or more);Patron( $ 1000 or more).

††††† The annual membership period is the calendar year. The dues are payable at the beginning of the year, and should be sent to the VSEI address below, together with the Membership Application Form..

Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.

A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization working to help education in India

P.O. Box713,Hartford,Connecticut†† 06142USA






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