Would you like to make a difference ?

    .......  In the life of a Child  ?

                                                         ........  In the life of a village ?  

                                                                                                       ....... In the life of a community ?

Even as an individual, you can make a difference, if  you  resolve to do so.

.  You can help a needy child in India towards a better life, and the knowledge that someone cares.
.  You can help promote women’s education in India, and help women realize their full potential.
.  You can help disabled children to grow up to be self-reliant and an integrated part of society.

       There are many in the world who are much less fortunate than ourselves, who deserve our  attention and help.   VSEI (Volunteers in Service to Education in India )  provides you opportunities and mechanisms for helping such people.

                                 What does V.S.E.I. do ?
          VSEI (Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.) is an organization which helps people in  India in the context of education. We work by contacting interested groups and schools in different parts of India  and  taking up work on education-related projects.    VSEI is nonprofit and non-political.    
     VSEI has 501 (c) (3) income-tax-exempt status; donations to VSEI and membership are income-tax deductible.   VSEI  started in late 1968.  Over the years, we have received many requests and have taken up different types  of projects in different parts of India.  The needs are very large and can be met adequately only if many people  come forward to help.

          VSEI's  projects in India assist  different aspects of education, including the following:
  (a) Vocationally-oriented education;  (b)  Science Teaching Improvement;     

  (c) Women’s Welfare Programs;       (d) Education/Training of Disabled persons;

  (e) Teacher-training Programs        ; (f) VSEI Scholarship Scheme;  

  (g) VSEI Sponsor-a-Child plan;         (h) Literacy programs.
          On this Web site, we give summary information about selected VSEI projects, which will give you an idea of  the types of projects we assist, and the kinds of help they need.  In addition to the projects described on this Web  site,   VSEI   assists several other projects in different parts of India.




Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.

A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization working to help education in India

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