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Fuel Transfer Equipment

To contain oil spills when filling fuel oil storage tanks, use Phillips Pump in-wall, flush mount, fuel transfer spill containment boxes.  They are designed to handle those situations where the oil lines run inside to an outside wall.

These units protect fuel supply lines from damage, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

Their compact design means that they do not infringe upon property lines, and they can fit in where there is limited space available for filling operations.

PHILLMATE, our wall- or tank-mountable fill box, is a compact, economical solution for the simple filling of above ground storage tanks.

Easy to access, and equipped with spill prevention and optional tank overfill prevention controls, it includes all valves and fittings necessary to allow fuel transfer via a hose connection from a pumper truck to an above ground storage tank.

Phillips Pumpís IPS fuel transfer system is a reliable, inexpensively engineered packaged system that excels in pumping fuel from gravity transports to above ground storage tanks.

This system gives you full control of filling operations, yet prevents overfills from occurring and allows full drainage of the truckís delivery hose.

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